Hi and welcome to the first edition of Australian Nudey News, my name is Michael Connolly otherwise known as Nudeyman.

Who am I you ask? Well I’m a passionate Naturist and outdoors person who has been getting naked in nature since I was a teenager and now as an adult I manage to squeeze in a nude hike and skinny dip in my lunch hour.

I run a Facebook page Australian Naturist News where I post items of interest about Nudism etc, I also have a blog website that’s N U D E Y M A N . COM as well as my Twitter account @nudeyman

I’m coming to you today from my favourite lunchtime skinny dipping spot in the Aussie bush, those tinkling sounds you can hear are bellbirds and I am sitting in the river as I record this on a glorious sunny Summers day…

Today is the 2nd day of Summer and we are set to have a real scorcher of a Summer they predict…in the last few weeks of Spring we temps up around 43 Celsius!! perfect for getting outdoors and getting naked and getting your dose of Vitamin D… sensibly of course.

Our climate is very conducive to outdoor nude activities with the warm weather kicking in around the end of August and starting to cool off around April/May, with the northern states such as Queensland being tropical having a much longer Nudey season.

The Aussie Naturist scene is nowhere as big as it is in some other parts of the world but we have a sprinkling of nude resorts and clubs in each state and legal nude beaches in every state except Tasmania (maybe too cold) and Queensland, which the government there refuses to legalise one, we have been trying to change that with an online petition to legalise Alexandria Bay as a legal nude beach… with still only just over 500 signatures … you will find the link to the petition in the show notes. beach-at-alexandria-bay-in-noosa-national-park/

Our Nudeys are somewhat of a fragmented bunch and our Naturist organisations the ANF (Australian Naturist Federation) and FBA (Free Beaches Association) are getting the same criticisms about not being there for Naturists etc that I see levelled at the same sort of organisations in the Northern Hemisphere..

Online there is a fairly active community but again somewhat fractured with many Facebook closed and private groups with various agendas etc

Through doing this podcast we are hoping to get more activity stimulated….

Now here are some upcoming events from around this great land of ours, we have 6 states but here’s news from 3 of them:

New South Wales

On the 21st February is the annual Samurai nude beach picnic, organised by the Coast and Valley Naturist Club… I personally attend this one when I can and I even came second in the sack race one year! More info from!samurai/c1ucg

Coming up on the first of march next year is the Sydney Skinny, held at Cobblers Beach one of the three legal nude beaches in Sydney harbour, it’s a paid entry 900m or 350m nude swim in it’s third year and it gets around 750 plus mostly 1st time to public nudity people to swim… it’s a great event that shows you can be non-sexually nude with other people. More info on


On the 16th March at Alexandria Bay near Noosa in Queensland is the Alexandria Beach Carnival, held every year on a non nude legal beach and the police turn a blind eye and let it proceed, more info on the Adam and Eve website

South Australia

18th January 2015
2015 Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games, South Australia – previously called the Nude Olympics but had to change the name due to threats from the official Olympics committee, more info from

And that concludes our little Aussie news segment, thanks to Stéphane for letting me take over his show (laugh) and thanks to my good friend Darren Ykema who inspired and helped this happen.

You can find more information on upcoming events on my Naturist news Facebook page: Australian Naturist News

Stephane will have links to the various links mentioned in this podcast on his website.

So hopefully you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the Naturist scene down-under and sometime in the future I hope to be on the this podcast again, thanks again to Stephane and bye for now.

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