The Feral Girl

An interesting discussion about writing, fantasy novels, nudity in mythology, naturism, and more with author Nick Alimonos. Plus a review of Nick’s latest novel, The Feral Girl, by our independent and anonymous reviewer.

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Episode CLIV

Photo: The feral girl illustration by Alexey Lipatov

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A Whole Nude World

We launch a new format: the book review. First, an interview with the author, where we explore his motivations and perspectives behind writing on this topic. Following the interview, there is an evaluation from an independent and anonymous reviewer, providing an impartial analysis of the book’s content. We begin with “A Whole Nude World” by Michael Douglas who has written an introduction to nudism from a Christian perspective.

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Photo: Michael Douglas at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Episode CL

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Working in a Nudist Club

Lisa Brandt talks about her experience working at the Four Seasons Nudist Resort in the early 1980’s and The Naked Truth, the book she wrote about it. Plus Darren from Australia, Felicity from YNA and more…

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Photo: Cover of The Naked Truth by Lisa Brandt

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Episode LXXVII

Lighthouse Beach, Poetry, Healthy Sunshine and Nudist Expo 2013

Our new correspondent, Felicity from YNA, discusses Lighthouse Beach; we hear some poetry about naturism; we get more evidence that sunshine is good for you; Brian updates us on Nudist Expo 2013; and more!
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Episode LIII

A Miscellany

A variety of items with no unifying theme: updates, listener comments, nudity as power, a book, and a movie.

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Episode XLII

Photo by Nelly Xiao used with permission.
It is from a Spencer Tunick’s installation at
Sydney, Australia in 2010.