Hardcore Winter Visitors

We chat with a group of regular visitors who prefer to visit Bare Oaks only in winter. Their activities include dousing themselves with water while nude in sub-zero weather and ice skating, also nude, on our frozen lake.

Photo: Bare Oaks members skating in January 2016

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Lighthouse Beach, Poetry, Healthy Sunshine and Nudist Expo 2013

Our new correspondent, Felicity from YNA, discusses Lighthouse Beach; we hear some poetry about naturism; we get more evidence that sunshine is good for you; Brian updates us on Nudist Expo 2013; and more!
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Episode LIII


A general discussion about physical health and an interview with Sydney Ross Singer, co-author of the book Dressed to Kill which describes a link between breast cancer and bras.

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Episode XLV

France Guillain

An interview from July 2008 with France Guillain, the author of Le Bonheur d’être nu. Le Naturisme, un art de vivre. (The pleasure of being nude. Naturism, an art of living.) France has written many books on naturist health that have sold millions of copies throughout Europe. She has also shared her knowledge and experience through hundreds of articles, radio interviews and televisions shows. She currently teaches healthy living at conferences, seminars and through naturist retreats.

Ms. Guillain shares with some of her philosophies about naturist health, child rearing, sexuality and gender roles. She also talks about her fascinating life raising 10 children (5 adopted) as naturists. Finally, we discuss naturism in France and at her home club, Heliomonde.

We start the show by reading a very amusing blog post on “Nipple Radiation” from My Secret Public Blog: Naturist, Nudism and other stuff.

The song at the beginning of the show is:
Being a Nudist
by The Naked Drummer & the Baileys Road Band.
You can read more about the band, listen to other songs and purchase their CD at: www.baileysroad.com

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Episode X