Naked Economics

Body acceptance, feminism, sex positivity… these are not topics you would expect to be discussed by an economist. Most people would be even more surprised to see a university professor with a Phd discussing these topics while nude. Yet that is exactly what Dr. Victoria Bateman has been doing. In this episode we discuss her experiences protesting the patriarchal establishment as well as her two books, “Naked Feminism” and “The Sex Factor”.

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Photo: Dr. Victoria Bateman speaking at the Ways with Words Literary Festival in Dartington

Episode CLI

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Single Women in Naturism

While people have often complained about gender imbalance in naturism due to single men, Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park seems to be attracting a lot of single women. We interviewed 7 of them to find out why they like it.

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Photo: Enjoying peace and solitude at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Episode CXXIV

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Topless Topics – Online Harassment of Women

We discuss online harassment with Cleo of the Topless Topic videos and Felicity Jones of Young Naturist America (YNA).

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Photo: Cleo of Topless Topics

Episode XCV

School Project

Sarah talks about her experience doing a couple of college assignments at Bare Oaks. Alexis recounts how she went from exploring the idea of naturism to working at Bare Oaks in just a few days. Plus Felicity, the Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society (KFFBS) and more.

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Photo: Sarah at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

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Episode LXXI