Why Clothing-Optional Does Not Work

Episode VIII

We discuss the many reasons why clothing-optional policies do not work in naturist clubs. Naturism wasn’t always so tolerant. In the beginning of the 20th century when naturism started, wearing clothes in a naturist club was not an option. The clothing-optional policy, a well-meaning attempt to be more inclusive and to make it easier for new people, has actually back-fired.

The song at the beginning of the show is:
Skin Free
by The Naked Drummer & the Baileys Road Band.
You can read more about the band, listen to other songs and purchase their CD at: www.baileysroad.com

The Toronto Star article referenced in the podcast is here:   www.thestar.com/living/article/445402

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Naturist Cartoons

We interview Stephen Crowley author of Loxie & Zoot and The Bare Pit cartoons. The first story, Loxie & Zoot, was published as a book. He has since published 12 more stories (nearly 400 pages) on the web. Stephen’s cartoons very effectively depict of every body type and shape without bias against any of them. His stories are appropriate for all ages and contain lessons for both naturists and non-naturists. Stephen pokes fun at many textile misconceptions about naturism but also takes a few shots at some naturist hang-ups. You can also see some of Stephen’s art on Bare Oaks’ website and printed materials. Stephen discusses his inspiration for the strip, the impact of naturism as a topic in cartoons, and how he goes about creating The Bare Pit. We close with Stephen describing naturism in Australia. The image included with the post was specially drawn by Stephen for this podcast. Can you guess who the characters are?


Episode VII

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Naturist/Nudist Fiction

In this episode, we discuss naturist fiction with Tom (T.H.) Pine who has authored many short stories and novels. In fact, he was an author before he became a naturist. Discovering naturism led him naturally to writing naturist fiction. We talk about his stories, his writing techniques, his inspiration, the type of fiction that he likes and what he thinks doesn’t work. As part of those discussions, we debate the pros and cons of including sex and sexuality in naturist fiction. Tom also gives some advice for listeners who want to write their own fictional stories. We close with a discussion on e-books and the future of printed books.



Episode VI

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A tribute to Lee Baxandall

On November 27, 2008, the naturist world lost a leader when the founder of The Naturist Society, Lee Baxandall, passed away at the age of 73. This episode is dedicated to Lee’s legacy in the naturist world. We interview Nicky Hoffman from the naturist society who worked with him since almost the beginning. We also hear Mark Storey’s perspective on Lee’s impact on the naturist world. Finally, we hear Lee Baxandall himself speak about naturism.


Episode V

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Nude Volleyball

Nude Volleyball — it’s become a cliché of naturism. In this episode we talk with Peter Allison a long time player and the organizer of the Greater Toronto Naturist Volleyball Tournament at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Peter tells us about the reasons why volleyball is so popular and provides hints for people who want to try it.


Episode IV

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Naturist or Nudist?

Naturist or Nudist? What is the difference? The answer appears to depend on who you are and where you live. We get the history of the terms from Mark Storey. Then Michel Vaïs gives us the current European perspective. Finally, Nicky Hoffman of the Naturist Society (TNS) explains her preference while Bob Dixon, vice-president of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) defends the term nudist.

Episode III

Photo: Statue in St. George’s Square, downtown Guelph, Ontario by Lone Primate.

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Nudist Films

A discussion with Mark Storey the author of “Cinema au naturel, a history of nudist film.” (We apologize for the poor sound quality of Mark’s voice. Due to a technical problem, the recording is difficult to understand.) In this episode, we explore the frequent conflict between naturists who wanted to promote the values of the movement against the commercial film producers who wanted to exploit the nudity of naturism for salacious reasons. In the early to mid-twentieth century in particular, many movies were made under the guise of nudism documentaries because of tough censorship laws.

The film soundtrack clip is from from the 1961 movie Have Figure Will Travel which was partially filmed at Sun Valley Gardens in Ontario, Canada.

Episode II

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An Introduction

This is the introductory episode for the Naturist Living Show.

It is a brief introduction to the show and its purpose and objectives.

Naturism is more than just taking your clothes off. It is a life philosophy with physical, psychological, environmental, social and moral benefits. The basic tenets of naturist are respect for self, for others and for the environment. Future episodes of this podcast will deal with topics that touch on these themes.

At the end of the show, we play “Nature is” by Brian Madison.

Episode I

Nature Is
©2003 Brian Madison

When winter gets me feeling low
There’s just one place I want to go
Can’t wait to see something live and green
Shed these layers, follow me dear
Shake of this grey winter right here
The trees and us with nothing in between

Unconstrained by cold conventions
Losing all our old pretensions
Lord knows baby, we have paid our dues
If we abandon all these modest schemes
And ratify some better memes
We’ve got nothing to lose but our blues

Naturally you, naturally me, naturally we
Naturally you, naturally me, naturally we

Barefoot beginnings that’s a start
To liberate our gentle hearts
The grass between our toes no shoes or socks
Release the threads that keep us bound
Just leave them lying on the ground
In a little pile beside those rocks

Far away from preconceptions
No intentions, no deceptions
Nothing left to hide, just like we planned
Gymnasts, Sophists, dancers we
Have never ever felt so free
As running in this meadow, hand-in-hand

Natural you, natural we, natural me
Natural you, natural we, natural me

To civ’lization we return soon
But it’s only quarter past noon
There’s still time to roam these acres fair
Let’s go see how that river flows
We’ll have no need for fancy clothes
No uniforms or fig leaves if we dare

Taking off out in the woods
No strings attaached, no shame, no shoulds
We can just accept us as we are
No other way we’d rather be
Wearing smiles of joy we see
From social constructs we have come so far

The springtime breeze we’ll welcome in
Like a birtyday, born again
Finding peace for life in our true skin
Let’s have a picnic in the sun
We’ll be like children, free and fun
The sun and air; that’s what nature is

Nature is you, nature is we, nature is me
Nature is you, nature is we, nature is me
Nature is you, nature is we, nature is me
Nature is you, nature is we, nature is me

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