Rudolph Johnson and Evan Nix

Family Nudist History

What if you grew up hearing that your great, great, grandfather was known as Rudy The Nudie? That is exactly the experience of Evan Nix who was intrigued enough to start doing some research. He tells us the story of Rudolph Johnson who was a prominent nudist and president of the American Sunbathing Association (ASA and today known as AANR) in 1950-51. You will hear how his research took him from mere curiosity to active naturist participation for his whole family.

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Photo: Rudolph Johnson and his great, great, grandson, Evan Nix

Episode CXXVII

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2 thoughts on “Family Nudist History”

  1. Another great episode Stephane and Sam. I loved how natural (that was not a pun) this conversation became when it came to talking about the differences between clubs being own and co-op. I was not aware that Glen Eden Nudist Resort. Evan was a great guest. Can’t wait to see what other episodes you have coming.
    Long time listner,
    – Josh

  2. I have a high fence around my back yard & only put pants on to fetch my mail/walk my dog.

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