Marie Willa Bobo-Smith

Naked Age – Transgender Woman Extraordinaire

In this episode of Naked Age we meet Marie Willa Bobo-Smith, a transgender nudist whose top free activism and public nudism make her make her a trailblazer for trans visibility. Plus, we explore intersections between nudist and trans history and look at the history of single men policies in nudist clubs. 

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Episode CXLI (episode 5 of Naked Age)

2 thoughts on “Naked Age – Transgender Woman Extraordinaire”

  1. Neuroscientist and ethologist Robert Sapolsky talks about how the brains of trans people match the sexes that they claim. He says that the brain trumps physical characteristics and DNA. I believe that humans are going through a rough patch as we accommodate ourselves to a more natural and humane view toward our bodies and sexual pleasure. Since naturism ameliorates our alienation toward that part of nature lurking under our clothes, this episode is right on.

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