Professor Keon West presenting

New Nudity Research

Naturists know instinctively that our movement is good for our health. But without science to confirm and quantify the effect we are only expressing opinion. Research by Professor Keon West in the last few years has produced some amazing results that confirm our experience. Dr. West tells us more about his work and how he came to do this research; which may surprise you.

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Photo: Prof. Keon West at British Naturism’s 2017 AGM and Vision Day – used with permission from both British Naturism and Prof. West.


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4 thoughts on “New Nudity Research”

  1. Dr. West,

    First, I applaud your openness and willingness to engage in studying nudism with rigor. And I am impressed by your ability to explain your work in common language while still preserving that rigor.

    However, I think you may be missing a potential mechanism of the “body acceptance” effect. In my own nudist experience I feel that my self image has improved not by seeing others but by being seen and being accepted as I am, and seeing others of all body types and conditions accepted as well.

    Acceptance by other nudists is at least a contributing factor in communicating that you are “OK the way you are”.

    Regarding the social and academic bias against social nudity; Isn’t that a little parochial and ahistorical? There have been and still are many cultures in which social and family nudity was & is common and unremarkable. On first blush it would appear that the more Puritanical societies may create the harm they fear by assuming it to be true.

    Have any studies been conducted that report physical, social, or psychological harm to children raised in those societies from early exposure to simple non-sexual nudity?

    1. I don’t know of any quantitative/experimental studies such as those of Professor West. However this book, despite being nearly a century old, is a very interesting read.
      Mead, M. (1928). Coming of age in Samoa—A study of adolescence and sex in primitive societies. Penguin.

      I wrote a document for British Naturism regarding children, URL below, and I am currently preparing a similar document for Naturism in general but I haven’t found much to add to that children document.

      Malcolm Boura

  2. Thank you for this podcast. It was amazing to hear. How wonderful that someone takes the time to, academically, go into naturism and so confirms what we already now by experience.

  3. Outstanding session with Dr. Keon West. I would love to attend a session and attend your location. I am listening clothes free.

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