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Naturist Hub

Social media presents a dilemma for naturists; on one hand it provides a way to build community and promote our philosophy. However mainstream social media also consistently rejects our values, deletes our content, and bans us from their platforms. One solution is to create a social media network specifically for naturism. The downside is that no one other than other naturists will see our message. I sat down with George Oberle, the brains behind Naturist Hub, an invite-only nudist social network. Together, we explored the challenges, censorship, and the unique dynamics of being a naturist in the digital age.

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Photo: Nick & Lins of Naked Wanderings

Episode CLIII

One thought on “Naturist Hub”

  1. Fascinating subject. I’m hlad to hear that Bare Oaks is collaborating with Simon (and Helen) from British Naturism on the Mastodon Twitter replacement project. Naturism as a philosophical movement definitely suffers in two ways – 1) From over zealous censorship which is partly due to paranoia, ignorance or bigotry but also 2) Highjacking of the Naturist/Nudist brand, keyword, search term, hashtag, etc. by sex pests (who sadly are sometimes card carrying Naturist who also happen to be swingers, exhibitionists, pornographers, etc.)

    BN has put a lot of effort into its own website which includes a members only “forum”. Which is functional but somewhat dated now. I dare say other Naturist organisations nationally and locally, have their own social media platforms even if it’s only email news subscribers.

    Some kind International, open, Naturist friendly but safe social media environment is desperately needed. But excluding the sex pests while overcoming censorship is a huge challenge and not a new one. The pre-internet Naturist pioneers have always face a similar conundrum. Namely how to set foot outside the relative security of the club gates without attracting hostility and without appearing to be (or actually being) associated with sexual libertines.

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