Nude stand up comedian at the Naked Comedy Show in New York City

Naked Comedy Show

Meet Billy Procidea who is both the producer and host of New York City’s long running Naked Comedy Show. The comedians are all nude but most of the audience is clothed because only the first two rows are clothing-optional. Listen and find out why.

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Episode CLVIII

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3 thoughts on “Naked Comedy Show”

  1. Not all social nudity is naturism or nudism. I feel this episode strayed well over that line. The venue for the mentioned show was described as an “orgy dungeon” and the person interviewed mentioned several very explicit sexual things & was clearly into social sex much more than social nudity.

    Surely there are many more actual naturist stories out there worthy of exposure rather than this episode’s topic.

    1. Indeed, there are many, many stories of relevance to naturism. This one has gotten a lot of media coverage including the New York Times so it seemed important to profile it so that people understand what it is and what it is not. We also previously profiled Cap d’Agde which is not naturist at all anymore but many people think it is. So in this case, you clearly got the message about what the Naked Comedy Show is all about which was our objective.

  2. Not an inspiring podcast episode at all, I’m not a prude by any stretch, but I found it a real turn off. Just my opinion.

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