Performing Nude

The PyroFlys fire performers who prefer to do their routines nude and Tohm Lev who not only sings about legalizing nudity but performed nude in her music video. Links to items mentionned in the show: Places to review, recommend or provide feedback about the Naturist Living Show and Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park: iTunes, Google … Continue reading Performing Nude

Movie Wrap-Up and Growing Up Without Shame

A discussion with some of the cast & crew of Act Naturally after the Toronto movie preview and an interview with Dennis Craig Smith, author of The Naked Child/Growing Up Without Shame and Naked Fear. Links to items mentioned in the show: Act Naturally Fox Theatre Nudity & Christianity Podcast – Episode 32 Women Podcast … Continue reading Movie Wrap-Up and Growing Up Without Shame

Christianity and Naturism

Naturism and religion is discussed with a focus on Christianity and the Bible. We interview author Tom Pine who has written extensively about Christianity and naturism. Matthew Neal of The Biblical Naturist Blog is also interviewed about his post on objectification and lust in religion. Links to items mentioned in the show: Ethical Naturists in … Continue reading Christianity and Naturism

Naturist Music

Naturist music in a variety of styles and from several artists plus interviews with a few of them. Links to items mentioned in the show: Info about the Naturist Anthem by Helene Williams & Leonard Lehrman at TNS’ Opera-Musical Theatre Special Interest Group The Naked Drummer & the Baileys Road Band Bill Siddall’s CD Stitchless Ton Dou … Continue reading Naturist Music