Naturist Cartoons

We interview Stephen Crowley author of Loxie & Zoot and The Bare Pit cartoons. The first story, Loxie & Zoot, was published as a book. He has since published 12 more stories (nearly 400 pages) on the web. Stephen’s cartoons very effectively depict of every body type and shape without bias against any of them. His stories are appropriate for all ages and contain lessons for both naturists and non-naturists. Stephen pokes fun at many textile misconceptions about naturism but also takes a few shots at some naturist hang-ups. You can also see some of Stephen’s art on Bare Oaks’ website and printed materials. Stephen discusses his inspiration for the strip, the impact of naturism as a topic in cartoons, and how he goes about creating The Bare Pit. We close with Stephen describing naturism in Australia. The image included with the post was specially drawn by Stephen for this podcast. Can you guess who the characters are?

Episode VII