Family Nudist History

What if you grew up hearing that your great, great, grandfather was known as Rudy The Nudie? That is exactly the experience of Evan Nix who was intrigued enough to start doing some research. He tells us the story of Rudolph Johnson who was a prominent nudist and president of the American Sunbathing Association (ASA and today known as AANR) in 1950-51. You will hear how his research took him from mere curiosity to active naturist participation for his whole family.

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Photo: Rudolph Johnson and his great, great, grandson, Evan Nix

Episode CXXVII

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Architecture of Nudism and Naturism

An interview with Sarah Schrank, associate professor of history at California State University, Long Beach, about her article on the architecture of nudism. Her article is as much a history of the nudist/naturist movement and the way its ideas and how it is practiced have changed over time.

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Photo: The Mason Family’s backyard from “The Private Life of a Nudist Family” in Nude Living Magazine #2, 1961.

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Fifty Years at the Ponderosa Nature Resort

On the 50th anniversary year of the Ponderosa Nature Resort (in Ontario, Canada – not the notorious Ponderosa Sun Club in Indiana, USA) Hans and Lisa Stein talk about starting the club and subsequently the Four Seasons Nudist Resort. Plus Felicity talks about people who steal nude photos.

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Photo: Postcard of the Ponderosa Naturist Park from the 1970’s

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Episode LXXII

A Brief History of Nakedness

A bit of history and spirituality in naturism by way of an interview with Philip Carr-Gomm, author of A Brief History of Nakedness as well as a psychologist and the leader of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids for over twenty years.

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Episode XXXVII

Québec Naturism

Naturism in the province of Québec as described by Michel Vaïs, one of its most notable champions. Plus audience numbers (over 40,000 listeners per month!), a listener’s letter, and the financing of naturism.

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Episode XXXV