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In this episode we feature other naturist/nudist podcasts. To be included they had to be active, meaning they had published at least one episode in 2021, and had to respond to our inquiry. (in some cases we sent multiple messages but didn’t get a response) It is unfortunate that many podcasts from the past are no longer publishing. And while we try to have “evergreen” content, some of these podcasts will likely stop in the future. But new ones will start so you should keep checking!

None of the shows featured are in any way related to us. We are not endorsing any of them or their content. We have put together this episode in order to keep you informed and to support other naturist/nudist podcast creators.

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Photo: Listening to podcasts while relaxing at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Episode CXXXII

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The New Naturist Living Show Website

With episode 101 (or CI in the Roman Numerals we’ve been using) and as we approach our 10 year anniversary, we launch our new website. The new WordPress website and unique domain (instead of a subdomain of Bare Oaks) allow for better features, more flexibility, broader distribution, and better search engine optimization.

We think that the transition went well and that we fixed all bugs. But it’s hard to be perfect! Please let us know if you find any problems by sending us a note:

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Photo: Stéphane and Samantha working on the new website

Episode CI

2016 Update

An update about the future of the Naturist Living Show. And some reader comments! To summarize: The show will now benefits from the volunteer help of Sean Mitchell. There will be more regular episode although they may not be exactly on a monthly schedule. As well, we will limit the shows to a single topic which means that episodes may be shorter but more frequent.

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Photo: Naturist Living Show host Stéphane Deschênes in his recording studio, April 2015.

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Episode LXXXII
Note: this episode is correctly numbered but, with the publication of this episode, the last 4 episodes have been renumbered to be 78-81 because there were two episodes numbered 77.