15 Years !

Today, the Naturist Living Show has been podcasting for 15 years! In this short, special unnumbered episode, we do a brief recap of where we started and where we are now. Thank you to all of our guests, contributors, and listeners! And a special thank you to our Patreon supporters!

Links to useful information and items mentioned in this episode:

Photo: Stéphane and Samantha having fun recording a promo

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Naked Age is moving

After previously being released through the Naturist Living Show’s RSS feed, Naked Age is now moving to its own podcast feed. We really enjoyed including Evan’s excellent work within our podcast. But we’re equally happy to see it become it’s own podcast. The world needs more naturist media!

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Visit: nakedage.co

Introducing The Naturist Living Show

What is The Naturist Living Show? In this 90 second trailer we briefly describe who we are, what we have been doing since 2008, and why we are producing this podcast.