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The Nudels of Nudeland

We catch up with Tim Chizmar to learn about his latest movie, The Nudels of Nudeland. In our discussion, we learn how much work and money it takes to make a movie; and how important they are for the naturist movement.

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Episode CXLV

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7 thoughts on “The Nudels of Nudeland”

  1. Why are you still working with this bigot? Do you support his active transphobia?

  2. I really appreciate Tim’s work. Looking forward to watching Nudels of Nudeland.

    I’m no fan of Act Naturally. Tim comments on it. It’s rather cringeworthy in addition to being not really nudist. But there are cameos by residents and the management of Olive Dell Ranch, where it was shot and where we live. The only redeeming aspect, IMHO.

  3. I realize you may not have seen his Twitter comments recently,but he has made rude comments to those he disagrees with.He even mocked another naturist’s body in one response on Twitter.In addition his transphobic comments are unacceptable and goes against naturist philosophy.It is one thing to disagree and have differing views on issues,but it’s entirely another when he resorts to rude and prejudiced language to interact.

    1. Rude and prejudiced language is certainly not appropriate and people with transphobic attitudes are clearly lack understanding.

  4. I realize at the time this podcast was recorded you may have not seen his transphobic comments.He also made a rude comment about another naturist’s body parts in response to their Tweet.Based on his Twitter activity,it’s obvious he doesn’t respect views contrary to his own and is transphobic.This bigotry has no place in society or naturism.

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