Going Braless

Going Braless

For over a year, Amber kept a video diary about her experiment with going braless at work and in public. As she put it, she shared her “day to day struggles and triumphs related to the growing trend of ditching the woefully uncomfortable and inconvenient undergarment that every woman secretly wishes she could do without.”

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Photo: Screen grab from The Braless Diaries episode 10

Episode CXLVI

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2 thoughts on “Going Braless”

  1. I enjoy your podcasts. Looking forward to part two on children. On the most recent episode on going bras you covered the nipple question but not size. I saw that your guest is a D cup. But what about larger? My wife as a DD is bothered by the movement when she walks. She is fine at home but doesn’t like attention when out so she wears a bra. Thinking for women with even larger ones that it could be uncomfortable or is that the case?

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