Naked Age – The Most Liberated Woman in America

In this episode of Naked Age we meet Barbara Williamson, a pioneering figure of the sexual revolution frequently referred to as “The Most Liberated Woman in America”.

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Naked Age is produced by Naturist Vintage

Episode CXXXVII (episode 3 of Naked Age)

Cap d’Agde – Naked City

Since the resort town was built in the 1960’s, it has been promoted as the ultimate naturist destination; a place where you can fully live clothesfree and all modern services and conveniences are available. While this area of the city of Agde is officially known as the “Quartier Naturiste” (naturist neighbourhood) it is also often described simply as the “naked city”. In the last few decades it has also been heavily criticised for the open sexuality and preponderance of swingers’ clubs. So is it naturist? We asked Nick and Lins of Naked Wanderings and Dan Carlson, also known as Naturist Dan, of the Meandering Naturist blog about their experiences.

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Photo: a postcard from Stéphane’s 1993 trip to Cap d’Agde

Episode CXXXV

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Naked Age – San Francisco Naked Guy

In this episode of Naked Age we meet the irrepressible Andy Tabbat, an inveterate joy bringer whose lifelong observance of nudism has been public and unashamed. 

Plus, nudist activism in the Bay Area; Berkeley’s “Naked Guy”; and the “Weiner Bill”.

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Naked Age is produced by Naturist Vintage

Episode CXXXIII (episode 2 of Naked Age)

Photos provided by Andy Tabbat; used with permission.

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Naturist-Nudist Podcasts

In this episode we feature other naturist/nudist podcasts. To be included they had to be active, meaning they had published at least one episode in 2021, and had to respond to our inquiry. (in some cases we sent multiple messages but didn’t get a response) It is unfortunate that many podcasts from the past are no longer publishing. And while we try to have “evergreen” content, some of these podcasts will likely stop in the future. But new ones will start so you should keep checking!

None of the shows featured are in any way related to us. We are not endorsing any of them or their content. We have put together this episode in order to keep you informed and to support other naturist/nudist podcast creators.

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Photo: Listening to podcasts while relaxing at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Episode CXXXII

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